Why Choose Homeland Remodeling, Inc?

Hands On

Homeland Remodeling, Inc has always taken a hands-on approach to our projects, not like some “drive-by” builders who only review the job on occasion. Much of the work is done in-house while the rest is completed by a great cast of licensed subcontractors. We have won acclaim for Better Homes and Gardens and also currently hold an A+ rating with the better business bureau.


Our building experience has given our clients the confidence to hire us on projects such as turn of the Century Craftsman home renovations; removing load-bearing walls from room to room; delivering tight timeline room additions - on time and within budget.

Leave it to Us

Doing it yourself doesn’t always pan out as you would hope, as it is frequently NOT less expensive. Let us do your project from start to finish so that it will be finished on time within budget. Also, you’ll know who to call if there are ever any warranty issues.

Our Promise to You

Our in-house renovation specialists are fully insured, licensed and we promise to always provide honesty, integrity, value and most importantly, outstanding customer service during your remodeling and renovation projects for your newly improved property!

Request Estimate

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